Carrie LaChance 06234Carrie LaChance is a pin-up model, hair/makeup artist, actress and entrepreneur from Maine. Carrie is co-owner of ArchEnemys Studios a photography and film production studio specializing in pin-up.

After managing a comic book store with her husband Nate for several years, Carrie opened a costume and lingerie boutique in 2008.  On the boutiques grand opening, CBS News Channel 13 described Carrie as “A walking, talking billboard”.  The Carrie LaChance brand has reached over 120 countries and has sold over an estimated 100,000 photos worldwide.  Her edgy style of creative pin-up is what makes her so unique.  Carrie is also in pre-production for her own comic book series.

Full Biography – Carrie Marie LaChance came into the world at 1:00 am on April 30, 1985 born to Stephen and Cheryll Cochran.  She grew up in a very small town of Dover-Foxcroft Maine (population of about 4,000 people). Just like most young girls, she too dreamed of being a model and actress one day, little did she know that one day she would be living her Carrie LaChance 06046childhood dream. After graduating from Foxcroft Academy in 2003, Carrie moved to Augusta ME to attend beauty school at Capilo Hair Institute to pursue her other childhood dream of being a hair and makeup artist. While in beauty school, Carrie worked various jobs as a telemarketer, retail sales and Pizza delivery driver. After 6 months of beauty school, Carrie felt lost and decided to take some time to herself and took a leave of absence from school. She walked into the Army recruiting center and decided to join the Army. After passing all the exams, she had her date set to seal the deal… but Carrie never showed up. Although she desperately needed direction, Military life just wasn’t for her.  The thought of leaving her other goals behind scared her.  Carrie then decided she was going to make another big decision to move to LA to finish beauty school and peruse her goal of modeling and acting.  But yet again, this plan didn’t work out either. Little did she know her life was about take a major turn.

Carrie was living with a group of girl friends at the time when things just seemed like they could not get any better. Then Carrie met Nate LaChance, a local photographer and comic book store owner at Longhorn steakhouse one night while she was working as a hostess.  They talked a little bit about her working for Nate’s Modeling company ArchEnemys Studios.  After contemplating the idea, Carrie decided to give it a shot.  The fist photo shoot went Carrie LaChance 06184amazing and from that moment on Carrie was hooked. For the first time in her life she found a purpose and passion.  This was the beginning of the start she needed. Carrie finished Beauty school at Capilos and took on a job as a hair stylist at a local hair salon.  Carrie still devoted all her free time to modeling every chance she got until she was offered an exclusive modeling contract with ArchEnemys.  Within a year Carrie became the top model at ArchEnemys and nailed an exclusive contract with the Company.  Carrie was then offered the position of Vice President. Carrie and ArchEnemys Studios CEO Nate LaChance got engaged and soon married in July of 2005. Soon after she quit her job at the beauty salon to work full time modeling and working at the comic book store called Wallcrawler. A few months after the wedding the LaChance’s started working on a plan that could help take ArchEnemys Studios to a whole new level and direction.  The LaChance dynamic duo made a great team and shot for the stars.  In 2008 they decided to close Wallcrawler comic book store and turn the retail space into a full fledged costume, clothing, lingerie and high heel boutique called ArchEnemys. At that time, they also built a fully equipped production & photography studio. Since that day, Carrie has made leaps and bounds with her brand name and she hasn’t stopped pushing to go as high as she can. The Carrie LaChance brand has reached over 120 countries and has sold over an estimated 100,000 photos worldwide.  Her edgy style of creative pin-up is what makes her so unique.  Carrie is also in pre-production for her own comic book series. Stay tuned for more.

Carrie LaChance 05554NAME: Carrie Marie LaChance
BIRTHDAY: April 30, 1985
HOMETOWN: Dover-Foxcroft ME
SIGN: Taurus
HEIGHT: 5’4”
WAIST: 24”
HIPS: 34”
EYE COLOR: Brown/hazel
FAVORITE ANIMALS: Dogs and Monkey’s
FAVORITE BRANDS: Christian Louboutin, Victoria’s Secret, Polymorphe
FAVORITE DRINKS: Tea, Coffee, Diet Pepsi
FAVORITE FOOD: Pepperoni & Green Pepper Pizza
FAVORITE MOVIES: The Note Book, Titanic, Transformers, Avengers,
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: ANTM, Dark Angel, Firefly, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones
RANDOM DISLIKES: Seafood/fish, Dirty Fingernails, body odor, bad hygiene, arrogance, selfish people, being cold, whole milk
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Family, Friends, Modeling, Shopping, High Heels, Hair Styling, Makeup, Nails, Tanning, Dinning Out, Movies, Costumes/Cosplay, Dancing, Photography, Film Producing, Fashion, Fitness, Health & Throwing Themed Parties

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