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Real Estate Negotiations

When dealing with any type of business you really gotta know your stuff if you want to be successful. As a Real Estate Agent I pride myself in being able to negotiate the best price for all my clients. Take this house I’m selling for instance, it’s somewhat of a fixer upper but every client I show it to keeps offering way more than the asking price. Everyone is being so nice to me… I just can’t really figure out why. I guess I’m just a good sales woman.

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High Speed Connection

There never seems to be a good cable guy around when you need one. I mean, they come mess with your cable box for awhile, then they leave. But your service never really seems to get any better. Now that’s where I come in haha. I always show up on time dressed in my prefered attire needed to get the job done. My short denim dress is more than rugged enough for the job. And it even has enough pockets to hold all my tools. My garter belt saves me the trouble of needing to pull up my thigh high stockings every time I bend over, which I tend to do quite often hehe.

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