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High Speed Connection

There never seems to be a good cable guy around when you need one. I mean, they come mess with your cable box for awhile, then they leave. But your service never really seems to get any better. Now that’s where I come in haha. I always show up on time dressed in my prefered attire needed to get the job done. My short denim dress is more than rugged enough for the job. And it even has enough pockets to hold all my tools. My garter belt saves me the trouble of needing to pull up my thigh high stockings every time I bend over, which I tend to do quite often hehe.

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Rubber Love Affair

When Bianca and I team up it’s definitely game on haha. For this shoot we decided to cover ourselves in latex and give it a glossy shine. We used PJUR Silicone Bodyglide which works great on latex. Quick heads up… it’s basically the slipperiest lubricant in the world and waterproof. Once it’s on you, it stays on and only washes off with a gentle scrub with soap and water. We slide all over the couch and each other lol. What a great time we had.

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Selfie Gallery 35

Majority of this selfies were taken just before I moved from Maine to Florida. It was a very busy time and lots of life changes. I took tons of selfies when I did a photo shoot for magic silk lingerie that are all in this gallery. I also tend to take daily pics of my outfits at the gym… in case you didn’t notice lol, so there are tons of those in this as well. Which outfit in this set is your favorite and why?

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