Black Widow is Carrie's favorite character from the Avengers movie. For this shoot she wore a custom made Black Widow latex fetish catsuit with 8″ heel ballet boots and changes into 8" wedges. As you can see, it fit her like a glove, a very tight glove. The only thing I need to know at this point is why somebody didn't cast Carrie to play Black Widow in the actual Avengers movie. This girl is smokin' hot.

Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery: #110 | Photos: 94
Video: Black Widow | Run Time: 6 Minutes

Model: Carrie LaChance
Photography: Nate LaChance
Photo Editing: ArchEnemys Studio
Cinematography: Nate Horn
Video Editing: ArchEnemys Studio
Production Assistant: Abbey Greslick
Location: Portland Maine
Executive Producer: Nate LaChance

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