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Pancake Cutie

I don’t normally make pancakes dressed to the nine… actually, yes I do lol. But you guys already know that anything I do, I pretty much do it in my heels. Now, I know what your thinking. Your wondering if I actually ate all those pancakes haha. The answer is, no not all of them. I only had a few, but I also feed my production crew where there here. So I usually cook enough for at least a handful of people. Buy the way, how epic is it that my Louboutins are a perfect color match?

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Sexy Smoothie

It’s not easy making a fruit smoothie in platform high heels. Especially when my garters stick out every time I bend over because my mini skirt is so darn short. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of work to do and I need my smoothie energy lol. I have calls to make, messages that have to be sent and photos and video selfies that really need to be taken. But oh how I wish someone was massaging my feet right now while I answer my emails.

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Mail Check

As you guys already know, I do just about everything in my high heels. This includes everyday things like checking the mail. And today I’m going to do just that haha. Did I get any mail today? Why not take a walk with me in my towering 6″ heels and little blue mini dress and find out? Just a typical day as my life as a model… in high heels.

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High Heel Talk

I think the sexiest high heels of all time are from the Christian Louboutins 130mm line of high heel shoes. Hot Chick, Fetish, Merci Allen, Swiftinetta, Senora and Hot Wave all have the insane 130mm pitch that kinda feels like I’m walking on my tip toes. Then again, at a shoe size 5.5 it doesn’t take much of a heel to keep me on my toes… haha just the way I like it lol. Despite being the sexiest shoes ever, I’ve also found this heel height to be the most extreme to wear. Keep in mind, I’ve worn 6” Super Arch heels way back when I first started modeling and those were were some serious heels. But Christian Louboutin takes the win with his luxurious line of 130mm stilettos. Mmmmh Louboutins, my favorite heels of all.

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