Latex Nightclub

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These pics are from a fetish event I did in Germany. It was super wild which is exactly what I expected because Germany is the fetish capital of the world! I had to dress for the occasion so I wore a sexy corset, latex dress and 6 inch high heels to top off the whole outfit. The event was so much fun and we partied the night away at a nightclub. It was great and I can’t wait to go back. Carrie Cam Gallery 8.

Shopping 02

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There aren’t many places to shop for supplies in Portland Maine. Walmart is pretty much it. And when I go I get so many stares from people it’s crazy weird. And the should of my heels clicking a mile away makes things even worse lol. It’s like a beacon telling every to stare at the high heeled woman. Carrie Cam Gallery 7.

Castle Tour

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During my trip to Germany, my friend Peter Czernich took me to tour this massive Castle. I was only able to get just a few photos and a short video but I’m happy I did. There’s definitely a lot of history there and Peter new pretty much all of it. The cobblestone walkway was so treacherous for me that I all but had to be carried till we were inside the castle. I guess high heels really can put a damsel in distress. Carrie Cam Gallery 6.

How To Change A Lightbulb

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I think every woman should know how to change a lightbulb if the need arises, so naturally I made a quick video tutorial of how to do this successfully. Now although in this video high heels are definitely required, I suggest you only try this with the proper supervision. Carrie Cam Gallery 5.

Pumping Gas 01

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What happened to the days when a woman could just pull up to a gas station and the gas would just start flowing? I suppose if that were still the days I would have now reason to do this Pumping Gas Carrie cam now would I. Fill ‘er up anyone? Carrie Cam Gallery 4.

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