Castle Tour

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During my trip to Germany, my friend Peter Czernich took me to tour this massive Castle. I was only able to get just a few photos and a short video but I’m happy I did. There’s definitely a lot of history there and Peter new pretty much all of it. The cobblestone walkway was so treacherous for me that I all but had to be carried till we were inside the castle. I guess high heels really can put a damsel in distress. Carrie Cam Gallery 6.

How To Change A Lightbulb

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I think every woman should know how to change a lightbulb if the need arises, so naturally I made a quick video tutorial of how to do this successfully. Now although in this video high heels are definitely required, I suggest you only try this with the proper supervision. Carrie Cam Gallery 5.

Pumping Gas 01

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What happened to the days when a woman could just pull up to a gas station and the gas would just start flowing? I suppose if that were still the days I would have now reason to do this Pumping Gas Carrie cam now would I. Fill ‘er up anyone? Carrie Cam Gallery 4.

Grocery Shopping 01

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So next time you’re out shopping for groceries, count how many women you see shopping in their high heels, dress, mini skirt ect… Then post your findings in the comment section on this page. In my 13 years of modeling I could fit the number of people I’ve seen on one hand, and have some fingers left over. Carrie Cam Gallery 3

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