Check Please

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When I show up to lunch meeting I like to be early and very fashionable haha. No matter where I go I seem to always have the highest heels in the room… just the way I like it.

Appealing Amethyst

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This was my very first photo shoot at my new home in Texas. I totally love the atmosphere in this video. It’s so sexy and elegant, just the way I like it lol. And yes, those are the infamous 130mm Hot Chick Heels folks. Carrie LaChance Gallery #303

Dazzling Daylight

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During this shoot I kept thinking, “If there’s one thing I will never miss about living in Maine is having to wear my expensive shoes out in the snow, ice and dirt covered roads and sidewalks.” Seriously, living in Texas where it’s pretty much nice out year round is a wonderful change. Carrie LaChance Gallery #302

Wheres My Ride

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Now where is my ride? I’ve been waiting outside in this blistering Texas heat for hours. Sigh, it’s so hard to get good dependable help these day. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to walk home. But I’m definitely going to need a really good foot massage when I get home. Carrie LaChance Gallery #301

Multiple Impressions

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When Bianca arrived a few days ago she said she had some really sexy sheer lingerie pieces that she really wanted us to do a shoot in. She brought them into the studio and I was like o my god those are so hot. The patterns of the dress made me think of multiple impressions. Haha, the perfect name for this shoot. Carrie LaChance Gallery #300

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