Cafe Cutie

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I found this cute cafe that serves up a really great lunch. My favorite meals are their turkey avocado club and cobb salad. I can also take some sexy pics without being bothered there hehe. Hmm, do you guys think waitresses would get better tips if the dress attire was like mine? And yes, the shoes too of course. Carrie LaChance Gallery #299

Pinup Style

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Oh that waist though… These wide patent belts sure do look great but sitting down is not so fun lol. It’s like wearing a tightly laced corset. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do… and I definitely wanted this shoot to be really hot. Carrie LaChance Gallery #298

Taking Work Home

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There’s never enough time in a day to finish all the tasks at work. Sometimes you gotta take your work home with you. I had so many email messages to answer that I had to bring my laptop home so I could finish them all. But it’s soooo hot in here while I work overtime trying to finish my emails. Perhaps I’ll just undo a few buttons on my shirt, at least until i cool off. Carrie LaChance Gallery #297

Streak Free

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The problem with old houses is that old windows tend to be really difficult to wash. And, let me tell you, this house has plenty of old windows. But never fear! I’ve got my rag, my paper towels and of course my multipurpose, all surface Windex cleaner. Schedule an appointment with me and get your windows scrubbed to a streak free shine. Carrie LaChance Gallery #296

Latex Sleepover

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Now when I say latex “sleepover” you might be wondering if we’re actually wearing the latex to bed… right? Well I can assure that when it’s time for bed the latex comes off. And so does the pantyhose for that matter. At least on this shoot it did anyways. Now I wonder if you guys noticed the almost empty bottles of alcohol on the nightstand as well hehe? Carrie LaChance Gallery #295

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