Multiple Impressions

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When Bianca arrived a few days ago she said she had some really sexy sheer lingerie pieces that she really wanted us to do a shoot in. She brought them into the studio and I was like o my god those are so hot. The patterns of the dress made me think of multiple impressions. Haha, the perfect name for this shoot. Carrie LaChance Gallery #300

Latex Sleepover

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Now when I say latex “sleepover” you might be wondering if we’re actually wearing the latex to bed… right? Well I can assure that when it’s time for bed the latex comes off. And so does the pantyhose for that matter. At least on this shoot it did anyways. Now I wonder if you guys noticed the almost empty bottles of alcohol on the nightstand as well hehe? Carrie LaChance Gallery #295

Rubber Love Affair

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When Bianca and I team up it’s definitely game on haha. For this shoot we decided to cover ourselves in latex and give it a glossy shine. We used PJUR Silicone Bodyglide which works great on latex. Quick heads up… it’s basically the slipperiest lubricant in the world and waterproof. Once it’s on you, it stays on and only washes off with a gentle scrub with soap and water. We slide all over the couch and each other lol. What a great time we had. Carrie LaChance Gallery #289


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When I shoot with my good friend Bianca Beauchamp, you can guarantee there will be sexy latex involved. Bianca and I slide into these shiny blue and purple catsuits and head into the pool for some hot slippery fun. Near the end of the shoot we had the idea of adding matching masks. As you may know, I’m not really a huge fan of masks, but I gotta admit I really like this one a lot because of the way it makes my face look. What do you guys think? Hope you enjoy this new photo shoot. Carrie LaChance Gallery #282

Double Delicious

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Talk about a delicious duo, Carrie LaChance and Bianca Beauchamp are two sexy ladies and the term “double trouble” comes to mind whenever I see them together, which as of late, has been a lot. And who can blame either of them? They say that beauty likes to be in the presence of beauty and this seems to be what’s going on with these two. They’re both busty and gorgeous with bodies that seem to be heaven sent and they both have a love for sexy high heels which they rock on a more than regular basis. The two hotties are both sporting little, bright colored mini dresses, thigh high stockings and, of course, high heels. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #278

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