Latex Pool Party

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This scene may look familiar to you. If it does, I’m not surprised at all. Seeing Carrie LaChance and Ali Rose in a pool together in various states of undress sticks out in my mind too. This time around, things have changed just a little bit. The girls are as sexy as ever, the pool is still awesome and tons of skin is being shown but this time the bikinis are made of latex. I’m not sure about you guys but that makes things substantially hotter, if that’s even possible. Just picture the water beading up and rolling off the curves of their sexy, latex clad bodies. Carrie and Ali have an amazing chemistry so every time they hook up for a shoot, levels of sexiness that cannot be reached by mere mortals are not only met, but crushed. Just looking at their amazing bodies is enough to get us hot but their sexy outfits and the way they make eye contact with each other really drives us wild. These two aren’t scared to get close and when they’re wearing that little clothing, things can definitely get steamy. But the fun doesn’t stop at these two hotties splashing around in the water. It keeps going, getting hotter and sexier as they remove every piece of clothing, slowly bearing their outstanding nude bodies, both chiseled, trim and sun kissed. This, in my opinion, is the definition of a pool party and Ali and Carrie are the honored guests. Enjoy the party. Carrie LaChance Gallery #277

Maid To Please

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Leave it to Carrie LaChance to make even the most mundane household chores a thing of total beauty. Carrie, like usual, looks stunning in a latex maid’s outfit and 7″ ballet heels. The way it hugs her amazing body is an image nobody would ever want to forget. Her pretty smile and seductive eyes never fail to enchant us. When Carrie does something, she does it right, so she brought a friend along to help her with the chores and for this we owe her a big thank you. That friend is international fetish model, Bianca Beauchamp. If the pictures haven’t already floored you, Bianca is a flawless and exotic hottie whose fetish work can be seen pretty much everywhere around the world. When it comes to fetish models, this beauty is always at the top of the list. I’m sure none of you are surprised by that fact. Just look at her, that body is second to none. Wearing a latex maid’s outfit similar to Carrie’s as well as some extreme ballet boots, Bianca’s amazing beauty is on full display. Few women in the world can wear latex the way Bianca Beauchamp can. This busty beauty is something else. The chemistry in this set is undeniable as these two sexy ladies cozy up, getting very friendly. This scene is like a dream come true, two stunning models in latex cleaning house and getting up close and personal. If you can imagine, things get sexier as the ballet heels come off and the two fetish friends continue to canoodle, barefoot and taking each others latex outfits off one another until completely naked. Fetishists, latex lovers, high heel fanatics, Carrie Lachance and Bianca Beauchamp fans, this set is heaven-sent in all its sexy glory. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #275


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As if Carrie LaChance in elaborate lingerie including thigh highs and garter belts by Agent Provocateur and sexy black Louboutin heels wasn’t hot enough, she decided to take things to a whole other level with this shoot. She brought a friend along, blonde bombshell Romanie Smith who happens to be wearing equally sexy lingerie and also rocking Christian Louboutins. Put these two in a room together and it’s like a perfect storm of utter beauty and amazing bodies, both of them in similar lingerie, as ornate as it is sexy. It’s really no surprise as to why these two flawless hotties can’t keep their hands off each other. The tension must have been thick given how drop dead gorgeous both women are. Hopefully, we’ll all get lucky and there will be some behind the scenes shots that surface. In the meantime, we’ll have to make due with this steamy set. You won’t hear any complaints from me. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #247

Bikini Pool Party

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We love any opportunity we get to see the sexy Carrie LaChance in a bikini. When she’s wearing a bikini and red high heels with her hot friend Ali Rose at a pool party, it’s even better. These patriotic hotties even threw on their red, white and blue bikinis for the occasion. It wasn’t long, however, before the heat got to Carrie and Ali and they decided to take a dip in the pool. Little did they know, that would only make things even hotter. As Carrie and Ali swam around they began to get close, the bikinis came off and the two hotties enjoyed the pool & sun for the rest of the day. I guess dreams do come true as Carrie and Ali’s poolside encounter is sure to satisfy the fantasies of a lot of men around the world. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #235

Rubber Ferrari Girls

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What’s better than Carrie LaChance posing in a sexy outfit? Carrie LaChance posing with Asian hottie Jade Vixen in some very sexy positions? What’s hotter than that? There’s only one thing and that’s Carrie LaChance posing with Asian hottie Jade Vixen next to a Ferrari 458 Italia. Now, that’s insanely hot boys so enjoy the ride. Jade is wearing a latex dress from Libidex and 6″ patent boots. Carrie is wearing a latex dress from Westward Bound and Christian Louboutin high heels. Only God knows what kind of trouble these two got into behind the scenes. Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #205

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