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Evening In Lace

As I go through my sexy lingerie drawler I often wonder should I wear this or should I wear that lol. I can never seem to decide because I really just want to wear all of it. I guess my desire to dress to impress is just as exciting as the lingerie itself. Oh, I hope I choose the perfect outfit for this shoot. Well, did I?

Carrie LaChance Gallery #284 | Photos: 67
Video: Evening In Lace | Run Time: 3 Minutes

Model: Carrie LaChance
Photography: Nate LaChance
Photo Editing: Mark Saprykin
Cinematography: Nate LaChance
Video Editing: Tom Lawrence
Music: Certified Astreoidz
Artist: Digital Juice
Location: ArchEnemys Studios
Production Assistant: Maggie Rivera
Executive Producer: Nate LaChance

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