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Glossy Lady

Carrie LaChance doesn’t have a lot of off days, if any when it comes to sheer hotness. In this shoot, however, Carrie goes beyond even her own beauty. Starting with her wardrobe, Carrie slides into a sexy, form fitting high waisted suspender skirt and semi transparent top dress by Westward Bound. The outfit is complimented by Carrie’s gorgeous updo and perfect make-up. In addition to the latex, Carrie puts her pretty little feet into some of her trademark sky high Louboutin hotch chick heels. If there was ever an outfit to hang out and drink champagne in, this is it. I wonder if she’s waiting for a guest, maybe it’s one of you. As hard as it is to believe, this shoot actually gets hotter by leaps and bounds as Miss LaChance peels off her top slowly to show us her world class bosom. I wonder if the champagne had anything to do with that. It doesn’t get any hotter than Carrie.

Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery #263 | Photos: 76
Video: Glossy Lady | Run Time: 3 Minutes

Model: Carrie LaChance
Photography: Nate LaChance
Photo Editing: Mark Saprykin
Cinematography: Nate LaChance
Video Editing: Corey Norman
Music: Energy
Artist: Michael Craig, Oliver Godfrey
Hair MUA: Carrie LaChance
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Production Assistant: Maggie Rivera
Location: ArchEnemys Studios
Executive Producer: Nate LaChance

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