Hello Kitty Pinup Waitress

My Hello Kitty shoot took place at AHOP.  I can’t even imagine wearing these shoes while waitress.  My feet were so sore after 20 minutes of being in them.  I’m wearing a sexy pink Hello Kitty dress, pantyhose, socks and pink 6″ pumps.

XOXO – Carrie LaChance

Photography By: Nate LaChance |
Photography Assistant: Alex Thompson |
Photo Editing By: ArchEnemys Studio |
Shoot Location: AHOP, Augusta ME

Carrie LaChance Photo Gallery: #57 | Photos: 72

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One Response to Hello Kitty Pinup Waitress

  1. SuperGirlLover01
    SuperGirlLover01 July 19, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    Miss Carrie’s Diner. A lot of delicious stuff there.

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