Imagine sitting at home, watching TV and you hear the door open followed by a sweet voice saying, "Honey, I'm home!" You turn to see who it is and it's the sexy Carrie LaChance in a skin tight, little black dress that makes every curve on her beautiful hourglass figure stand out perfectly. She barely speaks and starts dancing seductively in front of you, putting on a show. Between her body, her sexy thigh highs that show off her shapely, toned legs and her favorite Christian Louboutins high heels, Carrie is an absolute vision. Does this sound like the best dream you ever had? If so, you'll definitely love this set of photos and video where Carrie takes us on a journey where we get to see what it's like to have her come home to us. Obviously, she looks amazing as always and her sexy dance is just the beginning as it turns into a striptease. We get to see Carrie slowly and sensually remove her dress until she's topless. Anybody who's seen Carrie in a state of undress knows it's always a treat to see this busty bombshell in her natural form. Carrie brings our wildest dreams to life with these sweet and seductive pics and video. No need to pinch yourself though, it's all real. Carrie LaChance - Photo Gallery #269
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