This scene may look familiar to you. If it does, I’m not surprised at all. Seeing Carrie LaChance and Ali Rose in a pool together in various states of undress sticks out in my mind too. This time around, things have changed just a little bit. The girls are as sexy as ever, the pool is still awesome and tons of skin is being shown but this time the bikinis are made of latex. I’m not sure about you guys but that makes things substantially hotter, if that’s even possible. Just picture the water beading up and rolling off the curves of their sexy, latex clad bodies. Carrie and Ali have an amazing chemistry so every time they hook up for a shoot, levels of sexiness that cannot be reached by mere mortals are not only met, but crushed. Just looking at their amazing bodies is enough to get us hot but their sexy outfits and the way they make eye contact with each other really drives us wild. These two aren’t scared to get close and when they’re wearing that little clothing, things can definitely get steamy. But the fun doesn’t stop at these two hotties splashing around in the water. It keeps going, getting hotter and sexier as they remove every piece of clothing, slowly bearing their outstanding nude bodies, both chiseled, trim and sun kissed. This, in my opinion, is the definition of a pool party and Ali and Carrie are the honored guests. Enjoy the party. Carrie LaChance - Gallery #277
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