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Latex Sleepover

Now when I say latex “sleepover” you might be wondering if we’re actually wearing the latex to bed… right? Well I can assure that when it’s time for bed the latex comes off. And so does the pantyhose for that matter. At least on this shoot it did anyways. Now I wonder if you guys noticed the almost empty bottles of alcohol on the nightstand as well hehe?

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Real Estate Negotiations

When dealing with any type of business you really gotta know your stuff if you want to be successful. As a Real Estate Agent I pride myself in being able to negotiate the best price for all my clients. Take this house I’m selling for instance, it’s somewhat of a fixer upper but every client I show it to keeps offering way more than the asking price. Everyone is being so nice to me… I just can’t really figure out why. I guess I’m just a good sales woman.

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