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Selfie Gallery #30

This set contains a bunch of selfie pics when I did some work for Marquis Magazine back in 2016. I had so much fun meeting Peter Czernich. Peter is the founder of Marquis Magazine which he started way back in 1994. This guys is awesome. I also did a bunch of photo shoots with Romani Smith and Sister Sinister. Wow I had such a great time.

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Pancake Cutie

I don’t normally make pancakes dressed to the nine… actually, yes I do lol. But you guys already know that anything I do, I pretty much do it in my heels. Now, I know what your thinking. Your wondering if I actually ate all those pancakes haha. The answer is, no not all of them. I only had a few, but I also feed my production crew where there here. So I usually cook enough for at least a handful of people. Buy the way, how epic is it that my Louboutins are a perfect color match?

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Selfie Gallery #29

Here’s more selfie pics from my old studio in Portland Maine. I think I love taking selfies pics just as much as my photo shoots. I find they also really help put things into perspective I think. There’s a lot of models out there that say they do this and they do that but they don’t really have photos and video to show their fans what it’s like behind the scenes. I love what I do and really enjoy sharing it with you all.

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Delicious Curves

I think this is one of my favorite photo shoots. It captures just the right amount of curves, angles and sex appeal. I have to admit, I couldn’t believe how hot these pics came out when I saw them. I was actually feeling a little bit under the weather during this shoot too 🙁 but I hope you guys like these just as much as I do. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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Sexy Smoothie

It’s not easy making a fruit smoothie in platform high heels. Especially when my garters stick out every time I bend over because my mini skirt is so darn short. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of work to do and I need my smoothie energy lol. I have calls to make, messages that have to be sent and photos and video selfies that really need to be taken. But oh how I wish someone was massaging my feet right now while I answer my emails.

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