There's something about a woman in a catsuit. Come to think of it, there's a lot of things about a woman in a catsuit. And it's no surprise how this article of clothing got its name either. From the moment a woman begins to slide it on, there's something graceful about it, svelte and feline like, sleek, aerodynamic. As she walks, she cuts through the air instead of walking with it. We've seen Carrie LaChance slip into these ultra sexy outfits before and now, thank goodness, she's back at it again. Of course, not every woman can do this one piece latex number justice but Carries does and then some. She has curves that are just begging to be hugged, accentuated, made even more beautifully prominent than they already are. From her busty top to her gym toned booty, it's all on display, packaged perfectly in shiny latex. It seems as if Carrie's body was made to wear a catsuit and the other way around. Always the risk taker and the fashion plate, Carrie makes this shoot her own to the utmost, making the already kinky scene a little kinkier by shooting in a padded rubber room, the perfect backdrop for the woman wearing the second skin. Carrie puts the final touches on by adding some red fishnets over her black latex, a color combo that, in my humble opinion, couldn't be sexier. Miss LaChance is goddess like, draped in latex, black and red, flawless in body and face. Add in some super hot Giaro boots and the picture is complete. It's the definition of sexy. Carrie LaChance - Photo Gallery #276
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