Carrie LaChance is one of the lucky women who looks just as sexy fully dressed as she does without clothing. Our princess Carrie goes all out and is dressed to the nines here wearing a waist cincher, sheer black top that gives us an unbelievable view of her cleavage, which is encased in a black latex bra. It's no secret that the lovely Miss LaChance has a bit of a latex fetish so she also pours her absolutely perfect physique into a skin tight, electric blue, latex mini skirt. The way that skirt hugs Carrie's every beautiful curve really shows off her hips, booty and famous legs that we've all come to know and love. As if she wasn't looking stunning enough, Carrie slips her little feet into a pair of her favorite Christian Louboutin high heels. Carrie looks perfect but decides to take things a step further by showing some serious skin at the end of the shoot. Carrie LaChance - Photo Gallery #256
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