Bikini Pool Party - Trailer Video - Carrie LaChance

Bikini Pool Party

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We love any opportunity we get to see the sexy Carrie LaChance in a bikini. When she’s wearing a bikini and red high heels with her hot friend Ali Rose at a pool party, it’s even better. These patriotic hotties even threw on their red, white and blue bikinis for the occasion. It wasn’t long, however, before the heat got to Carrie and Ali and they decided to take a dip in the pool. Little did they know, that would only make things even hotter. As Carrie and Ali swam around they began to get close, the bikinis came off and the two hotties enjoyed the pool & sun for the rest of the day. I guess dreams do come true as Carrie and Ali’s poolside encounter is sure to satisfy the fantasies of a lot of men around the world. Carrie LaChance – Photo Gallery #235

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  • Year: 2016