M5 Allure - Trailer Video - Carrie LaChance

M5 Allure

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Sometimes when Carrie LaChance slips into some of her sexy outfits, she essentially becomes a different character entirely. In this sexy set, Carrie gets into a skimpy black/transparent leather and latex number, complete with garters, thigh highs, and boots, and becomes badass, gun-toting Allure, a femme fatale with the looks, body, and arsenal to drop any man to his knees. Her character, Allure, is a concept for a future project called the M5 for Marquis Magazine. Allure’s role in M5 is to lure in her victims in and seduce them, fitting, right? She’s one chick you don’t want to mess with; however, taking the chance might be worth it to get close to her. Carrie LaChance – Photo Gallery #242

  • Run Time: 2:00 Minutes 🎥
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  • Year: 2016

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