Room With A View - Trailer Video - Carrie LaChance

Room With A View

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Latex lovers rejoice! During a trip to Vegas, Carrie loved her suite so much that she decided to do an official shoot in it. She was in Sin City, so it only made sense to dress sinfully in a gold latex corset skirt, black latex top, and incredible sexy 6 inch Christian Louboutin heels. Carrie strikes some very hot poses, and if anybody has a body for latex, it’s Carrie LaChance, so this is a real treat. All I can is this, it’s lucky Carrie wore this outfit in her suite and not on the strip because I have a feeling that would have backed up traffic all the way to Reno, not to mention made the already sweltering Vegas streets even hotter. Carrie LaChance – Photo Gallery #231

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  • Year: 2016