RubberBubble Bath - Trailer Video - Carrie LaChance

Rubber Bubble Bath Video 🎥 📥

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Who would ever turn down the chance to see Carrie LaChance in a sexy latex outfit, or a bubble bath, or wearing hot high heel boots? Luckily for us, we don't have to choose thanks to this brand new steamy set to see the goddess Carrie LaChance, fulfilling all three. I'm always a fan of Carrie in latex as she has one of the most incredible bodies ever, and this outfit by Libidex shows us every single curve and detail on her perfect physique, including her fantastic bust. We can't forget her sexy boots by Giaro, and the fact that that she's in a bath only makes things hotter with her wet hair and sudsy half-naked body. This is a set for everybody and definitely one that the latex lovers out there will truly enjoy. Carrie really can do no wrong, what an incredible beauty. Carrie LaChance - Photo Gallery #248

  • Run Time: 3:01 Minutes 🎥
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  • Year: 2017

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