Streak Free

The problem with old houses is that old windows tend to be really difficult to wash. And, let me tell you, this house has plenty of old windows. But never fear! I’ve got my washcloth, my paper towels and of course my multipurpose, all surface Windex cleaner. Schedule an appointment with me and get your windows scrubbed to a streak free shine.

Carrie LaChance Gallery #296 | Photos: 79

Video: Streak Free | Run Time: 3 Minutes


Model: Carrie LaChance

Photography: Nate LaChance

Photo Editing: Mark Saprykin

Cinematography: Nate LaChance

Video Editing: Corey Norman

Music: Dubstep Is

Artist: SUMO BOY

Location: ArchEnemys Studios

Executive Producer: Nate LaChance

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