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School Is Out

The school girl fantasy might be the most common role play fantasy of all time. Guys all over the world have been asking their girlfriends to wear the sexy outfits for decades. If your girlfriend said no, have no fear, it’s Carrie LaChance to the rescue. In this treat of a set Carrie plays out […]
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Sexy Soldier

Carrie LaChance could have chosen, literally, any profession in the world and she would have looked damn sexy doing it. Here we see Carrie wearing a wonderfully skin tight latex military dress that allows us to see all of her many curves along with red patent leather knee high boots by Giaro. All in favor […]
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Rubber Goddess

This set is one for the ages. Carrie is wearing wearing a latex rubber jacket and garters from Latex and Lovers, thigh highs, choker and Christian Louboutin heels. If Carrie wasn’t already a buxom vixen this jacket works wonders, making her look even bustier and thereby reaching otherworldly levels of sexiness. Her hair is also […]
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Pumping Gas In High Heels

I decided that since you all love when I go out and about and do my day to day things on periscope, that this Carrie Cam set of me pumping my gas in high heels would be perfect. I may look like a princess but I can get down and dirty with the best of […]
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Hot Outfits and Hot Friends

Okay boys, here’s another selfie gallery of yours truly and this time I brought friends! : ) In this gallery I’m wearing everything from sports bras, skirts, belts, tank tops, high heels, blouses, thigh highs, glasses, pants, bikinis, panties, dresses, sandals, Christian Louboutins and the list goes on. You’ll even see me with my beautiful friends […]
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BTS 02204

High Heels & Mini Skirts

The most popular outfits for girls are high heels & mini skirts lol.  Here are a some behind the scenes photos and videos from the past few months of me out and about, at the office and just simply hanging out in my sexy outfits and high heels (and maybe a pic of my dog Bailey […]
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Denim Sweetheart

A lot of you may not know that Carrie is a small town girl. I think this shoot shows that off a bit. She looks astonishingly sexy as she always does but her outfit gives her that sexy girl in a small town look and who doesn’t love that? Carrie is wearing a denim mini […]
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Lunch Break In Slow Motion

In this Carrie Cam video, I took a quick lunch break in slow motion at Subway because let’s face it, slow motion makes everything sexier.  In this Carrie Cam update, there are no photos, just the video but when you see me walking around in my hot 6 inch heels I don’t think you’ll mind […]
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Shopping In Slow Motion

Welcome to the first installment of Carrie Cam boys! In this video, you’re going to get to see me in my everyday life and this day I happened to be shopping. For those who ever wondered, I really do dress like I dress in my photoshoots. I even have some slow motion shots for you guys […]
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