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When I shoot with my good friend Bianca Beauchamp, you can guarantee there will be sexy latex involved. Bianca and I slide into these shiny blue and purple catsuits and head into the pool for some hot slippery fun. Near the end of the shoot we had the idea of adding matching masks. As you may know, I’m not really a huge fan of masks, but I gotta admit I really like this one a lot because of the way it makes my face look. What do you guys think? Hope you enjoy this new photo shoot.

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Naughty Christmas

Every year I show up to Christmas parties dressed something like this. I look forward to doing to same exact thing dressing sexy and festive for the occasion. But, I can’t figure out why I never seem to catch Santa sliding down my chimney lol. I mean, baking cookies in lingerie, pouring Santa’s milk in my high heels should get me at least some brownies points… shouldn’t it? Merry Christmas from Santa’s little helper.

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Boss Lady

Who doesn’t love a strong, independent woman, a woman who can take charge and hang with the big boys in the boardroom? Also, who hasn’t had a fantasy about their sexy boss? I know I’ve dreamt of a little late night rendezvous at the office with one of the office hotties. If you’re a fan of the lovely Carrie LaChance then you know she rocks sexy business clothes like nobody’s business. Some of us prefer her in a tight mini skirt and cleavage exposing button down shirt over lingerie any day of the week. In this gallery, she’s giving us just that, wearing a gray mini skirt, sexy thigh highs and some super hot Jimmy Choo heels. Looking at her, it’s hard to imagine there’s one businessman out there who would be able to resist her feminine wiles. But as in most of Carrie’s shoots, things get progressively sexier as she strips down right at her desk and we get to see her beautiful body. If there’s one way to distract the competition, that’s definitely it.

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Double Delicious

Talk about a delicious duo, Carrie LaChance and Bianca Beauchamp are two sexy ladies and the term “double trouble” comes to mind whenever I see them together, which as of late, has been a lot. And who can blame either of them? They say that beauty likes to be in the presence of beauty and this seems to be what’s going on with these two. They’re both busty and gorgeous with bodies that seem to be heaven sent and they both have a love for sexy high heels which they rock on a more than regular basis. The two hotties are both sporting little, bright colored mini dresses, thigh high stockings and, of course, high heels. As if things weren’t hot enough, the ladies are sipping some champagne, a beverage whose effects include feeling very sexy and frisky. That might explain why this shoot got so steamy as Carrie and Bianca get closer than ever before. Whether it’s the champagne or just something in the air, the chemistry between these hotties is undeniable. Before long, their sexy dresses come off, leaving them in only thigh highs and heels. They then proceed to get very up close and personal, more personal than we’ve ever seen as Carrie flaunts her sexy body in nothing but Jimmy Choo heels and Bianca does the same. If this set is any indication of future shoots then I can’t wait to see what else is in store. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this set can be topped, only time will tell.

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Latex Pool Party

This scene may look familiar to you. If it does, I’m not surprised at all. Seeing Carrie LaChance and Ali Rose in a pool together in various states of undress sticks out in my mind too. This time around, things have changed just a little bit. The girls are as sexy as ever, the pool is still awesome and tons of skin is being shown but this time the bikinis are made of latex. I’m not sure about you guys but that makes things substantially hotter, if that’s even possible. Just picture the water beading up and rolling off the curves of their sexy, latex clad bodies. Carrie and Ali have an amazing chemistry so every time they hook up for a shoot, levels of sexiness that cannot be reached by mere mortals are not only met, but crushed. Just looking at their amazing bodies is enough to get us hot but their sexy outfits and the way they make eye contact with each other really drives us wild. These two aren’t scared to get close and when they’re wearing that little clothing, things can definitely get steamy. But the fun doesn’t stop at these two hotties splashing around in the water. It keeps going, getting hotter and sexier as they remove every piece of clothing, slowly bearing their outstanding nude bodies, both chiseled, trim and sun kissed. This, in my opinion, is the definition of a pool party and Ali and Carrie are the honored guests. Enjoy the party.

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