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Selfie Gallery 33

Hmm, after looking at this set of selfie pics, I think a need to go shopping for a lot more lingerie. I could definitely also use a much bigger wardrobe. Now, I know what your thinking… “Don’t you already have a massive selection of clothes and shoes Carrie?” The answer is yes I do, but the more selection I have to choose from, I can make my selfies even more interesting, wink.

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Selfie Gallery 32

If there’s one thing that seeing my selfie pics remind me of it’s that you can’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do in life.  You must visualize what you want and go after it.  I’ve met so many people in my life that doubted me, discouraged me, was disappointed in me, hated me, loved me and supported me.  But it’s so important for each of us to do for ourselves and don’t let anyone tell you any different.  The more success you find in yourself the more people will want to take it away.  Stay strong and don’t give in, and your fans will find you 🙂

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Selfie Gallery 31

One of the things I loved about my old studio in Portland was that not only did it look really amazing but is was also very easy to maintain. Cleaning a studio in my mini skirt and high heels is not easy. I know i could just take my heels off but why on earth would I ever to that lol. This princess does everything in high heels. And I mean everything!

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Selfie Gallery #30

This set contains a bunch of selfie pics when I did some work for Marquis Magazine back in 2016. I had so much fun meeting Peter Czernich. Peter is the founder of Marquis Magazine which he started way back in 1994. This guys is awesome. I also did a bunch of photo shoots with Romani Smith and Sister Sinister. Wow I had such a great time.

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Selfie Gallery #29

Here’s more selfie pics from my old studio in Portland Maine. I think I love taking selfies pics just as much as my photo shoots. I find they also really help put things into perspective I think. There’s a lot of models out there that say they do this and they do that but they don’t really have photos and video to show their fans what it’s like behind the scenes. I love what I do and really enjoy sharing it with you all.

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