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School Is Out

The school girl fantasy might be the most common role play fantasy of all time. Guys all over the world have been asking their girlfriends to wear the sexy outfits for decades. If your girlfriend said no, have no fear, it’s Carrie LaChance to the rescue. In this treat of a set Carrie plays out […]
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Archer Huntress Part 1

We know two things about the lovely Carrie LaChance. She loves a good adventure and she always dresses for the occasion. The adventure at hand was archery and Carrie made this extremely sexy leather outfit all on her own. It became apparent fairly quickly that archery is not Carrie’s forte but what she lacks in […]
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Little Leprechaun

Carrie has been known to shoot with a sexy lady or two but never a little leprechaun. I guess stranger things have happened but one thing is for certain, I’m jealous of the little bastard who gets to hang out with Carrie and even ends up inside one of her Christian Louboutin heels, a place […]
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Pigtails, Pinup and Pretty Pictures

My phone is always loaded with selfies so I decided that I’d share them with you guys so you can get a glimpse into my life. In this batch of selfies you’ll see me be Superwoman at the gym, sport some sexy pigtails and get ready for a pinup shoot. Don’t worry, there are also […]
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Carnival In High Heels

Carrie and her friend Danielle decided to go to the carnival in high heels to get some cotton candy. Carrie is wearing a sexy mini skirt, tank top and high heels. What’s better than Carrie LaChance in heels and looking sexy? The answer to that is Carrie LaChance in high heels and looking sexy with her hot […]
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Yellow Balloons

Carrie blew up over 50 yellow balloons for this photo shoot.  They kept popping and scaring the crap out of her but still, she got it done. She even found the perfect lollipop for this shoot too, man she’s a stickler for detail. Carrie is wearing a yellow latex dress with 4″ yellow high heels. Where are all the latex […]
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Little Red Riding Hood

This Little Red Riding Hood photo shoot was shot in Hobbit Land. It’s a gorgeous forest with a waterfall and moss covered paths. Carrie really gets into the costume and does some killer action shots. As sexy as Carrie looks, that wolf wouldn’t stand a chance. She would persuade him with her gorgeous smile and this […]
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