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Pancake Cutie

I don’t normally make pancakes dressed to the nine… actually, yes I do lol. But you guys already know that anything I do, I pretty much do it in my heels. Now, I know what your thinking. Your wondering if I actually ate all those pancakes haha. The answer is, no not all of them. I only had a few, but I also feed my production crew where there here. So I usually cook enough for at least a handful of people. Buy the way, how epic is it that my Louboutins are a perfect color match?

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Sexy Smoothie

It’s not easy making a fruit smoothie in platform high heels. Especially when my garters stick out every time I bend over because my mini skirt is so darn short. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of work to do and I need my smoothie energy lol. I have calls to make, messages that have to be sent and photos and video selfies that really need to be taken. But oh how I wish someone was massaging my feet right now while I answer my emails.

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Monday Morning

I hope none of you are having a case of the Mondays but if you are I think I have something that will cheer you up. That’s right, it’s time for Carrie Cam. I always want you all to see a REAL day in the life so we’ve been getting you some really candid stuff. There’s an iPhone video of me just going through my morning routine. You know, doing my hair, having breakfast, making some calls, answering emails, just taking care of business in general! : ) Did I mention that while doing all of this I’m wearing a very sexy business outfit that includes a super tight mini skirt? And I can’t forget the single sole ultra high Louboutins I’m wearing. Hope you enjoy loves! Make sure to let me know what you think.

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Boss Lady

Who doesn’t love a strong, independent woman, a woman who can take charge and hang with the big boys in the boardroom? Also, who hasn’t had a fantasy about their sexy boss? I know I’ve dreamt of a little late night rendezvous at the office with one of the office hotties. If you’re a fan of the lovely Carrie LaChance then you know she rocks sexy business clothes like nobody’s business. Some of us prefer her in a tight mini skirt and cleavage exposing button down shirt over lingerie any day of the week. In this gallery, she’s giving us just that, wearing a gray mini skirt, sexy thigh highs and some super hot Jimmy Choo heels. Looking at her, it’s hard to imagine there’s one businessman out there who would be able to resist her feminine wiles. But as in most of Carrie’s shoots, things get progressively sexier as she strips down right at her desk and we get to see her beautiful body. If there’s one way to distract the competition, that’s definitely it.

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Castle Tour

Who’s ready for some Carrie Cam? I know it’s been a while but I know how much you love exclusive, behind the scenes footage so I had to make it happen for you. : ) Here you’ll see footage and pics from a castle tour I took while visiting Germany. It was so beautiful! Even though I was walking around a lot I still managed to spend the day in a leopard skirt, tight brown top, sexy pantyhose and strappy, sky high Christian Louboutins. I rarely leave home without them. The castle was so amazing I just wanted to move in. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures loves! There’s more to come from Carrie Cam.

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