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School Is Out

The school girl fantasy might be the most common role play fantasy of all time. Guys all over the world have been asking their girlfriends to wear the sexy outfits for decades. If your girlfriend said no, have no fear, it’s Carrie LaChance to the rescue. In this treat of a set Carrie plays out […]
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How To Change A Light Bulb In High Heels

Just because I’m a girly girl doesn’t mean I can’t be handy. Just watch me change this lightbulb in a miniskirt and six inch heels and you’ll see that your girl has skills. : ) It’s just how I feel comfortable and, let’s face it, everything is sexier in a miniskirt and heels. Do you see […]
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Subway in Heels

Carrie LaChance, as we know loves the camera, but it’s even better when we get to see what goes on behind the scenes of some of her photo shoots and her private life.  We think you will love these photos just as much as we do. Carrie LaChance BTS Gallery #27 | Photos: 55
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Archer Huntress Part 1

We know two things about the lovely Carrie LaChance. She loves a good adventure and she always dresses for the occasion. The adventure at hand was archery and Carrie made this extremely sexy leather outfit all on her own. It became apparent fairly quickly that archery is not Carrie’s forte but what she lacks in […]
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Room With A View

Latex lovers rejoice! During a trip to Vegas Carrie loved her suite so much that she decided to do an official shoot in it. She was in Sin City so it only made sense to dress sinfully in a gold latex corset skirt, black latex top and extremely sexy 6 inch Christian Loubitin heels. Carrie […]
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High Heels

We all know that Carrie LaChance has more heels and clothes than anybody could wear in a lifetime and in this set she puts her money where her mouth is by switching between four different outfits and thirteen pairs of heels and boots by Giaro. We get to see Carrie in various states of undress […]
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Rubber Doorway

I have a thing for Carrie in red lingerie, latex, thongs, high heels and topless so, in short, this set is my, and I’m sure I’m not alone here, dream come true. Carrie is wearing latex from Westward bound including a bra, top, skirt, thong and high heels from Elite heels. She’s striking some impossibly […]
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Icy Blue

How anybody could be this hot in the freezing cold is truly beyond me but Carrie LaChance pulls it off. She’s wearing a gorgeous blue latex dress from Westward Bound and a pair of sexy black patent pumps by Giaro. If you ask me, Carrie looks like a superhero in this set, Ms. Freeze or […]
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Leather and Latex

My phone is always full of selfies so why not spread the love, right? I took some candid shots for you guys of me doing everyday activities like driving and tanning but, of course, I had to spice things up a little so you’ll see me wearing some sexy skirts, heels and lingerie. There are […]
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Frisky Friday

It is Frisky Friday so I made this gallery extra sexy for you boys. : ) There are pics of me at the gym and getting a pedicure. You’ll also see pics of me in sexy pink lingerie, thongs, stockings, tank tops, super short skirts and of course, several different pairs of high heels. I […]
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